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Weekly Analysis 5

My popular culture topic was the impact of technology on society. The theories that applied to my popular culture topic that best were the rituals and the cult of celebrities. The reason I say that the ritual theories best applied to my topic of technology is due to the impact that technology has been on our everyday life. I first thought of rituals at things you do such as traditions and holidays, although after examining rituals I can now see how a ritual can be something you do every day that is as simple as get up, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and go to work.

So now, I can correlate how rituals are related to my topic which is the impact of technology. Before computers really simplified themselves to cell phones or tablets, technology had a big part in our everyday lives, but not as much as they do today. Now, we incorporate grabbing our phone in the morning, checking our Facebook or social media sight, email and so forth into our everyday rituals. How many people do you know who can’t leave their home without their cell phone? A lot more then there was in the nineties, that is because we have incorporated technology into a ritual now. It is not uncommon today even for people to totally be lost without a cell phone, and not even be able to remember phone numbers.

I say the cult of celebrities is a big theory related to my topic because the impact it has on society to buy and own the most up to date technology. A majority of the advertisements for new technology is advertised by the celebrities who own the newest and most update to date phones, tablets, computers, and so forth. This has a big impact on the public and why so many people stand in line for twenty four hours for a new iPhone or something similar to that experience. The popular culture today has a lot to do with technology and depends on technology for their day to day lives.

Written Analysis 4

My choice of a topic was the technology impact on society and how that has become an everyday part of our lives. When applying theories and formulas to this topic we can look at it in very different ways. We can use the hero formula to identify in technology based on the idea of how the human population is adapting and growing every day.

I know at first this does not sound like a hero formula, but when looked closer we can identify that everyone is interested in making their day to day life as easy as possible. Such as being able to grab a cell phone in the morning and use it basically as a computer. The people who create this technology are the heroes of that world. We can also look at technology and what it has done to change relationships in society.

Thousands of people have replaced getting to know someone face to face, to getting to know someone via face time. This technology has changed not only the way we do things, but also how we interact with each other. So we can even tie in the romance myth with technology now. Before, the romance myth was based on the thought of two people meeting, which was usually face to face. Now we see that even the romance myth has changed to adapt to the public’s use of technology, now we have online dating and people meeting online in chat rooms, social media and other forms of communication. All of these different forms of relations have been created with the use of technology. Technology and its impact on the world has changed the myths and formulas of how the public and popular culture adapts and grows.

The insights that I gained from applying these theories to my topic is that each theorie can and is adapted to the way our culture and society grows. Such as in the circumstance with the massive amount of technology that we use and depend on now.

Wake not the Dead

The journal article that I have chosen to analyze is by Ernst Benjamin’s Salomo Raupach and is a vampire story that is title “Wake Not the Dead!” This journal was found in the journal of popular culture volume 45, issue 6 on December 2012 pages 1189-1205.

The vampire story “Wake not the dead” was first seen in English around the year 1823 and was attributed and sold based on its romance myth, and was believed to be wrote by Ludwig Tieck before the real author Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach. One of the reasons that the original author may have gotten mixed up or some suggestions of why could be because of the original publishing in the journal of romance tales, was attributed to Ludwig Tieck who was known for his romance tales, and who also wrote a similar story called “The bride of the grave”.

In this article the attraction to the story “Wake not the dead” is described. One of the reasons why this story is so popular is because of the romance myth, and gothic vampire story combined. In the story a gentleman by the name of Walter whose wife Brunhilda dies unexpectantly. Walter later marries and has children with Swanhilda but the romance myth is used in the description of his everlasting love for Brunhilda, even after his happy life with Swanhilda. During his mourning for his lost lover, Walter meets a sorcerer who basically gives him a choice to wake up his dead lover. I say choice because he warns him over and over again.

Despite the warning Walter makes his wishes clear to the sorcerer to wake up Brunhilda. Over time Brunhilda becomes herself again but refuses Walter until he divorces his current wife. In this story, after a divorce the wife leaves the home and leaves the children with the husband. During the reuniting with Brunhilda, Walter does not know that this whole time she has become a vampire and is slowly killing his children. After she has taken the lives of all his children eventually she has to start to feed as a vampire on Walter, all while Walter is under a spell from her vampire powers. After time goes by Walter eats a magical root that makes him unaffected by her powers as a vampire. Inevitably Walter attempts to flee from his lover, but the magical control she has over him is too great. One day Walter seeks refuge at the crossroads such as the sorcerer instructed him to do, should he change his mind.

Walter takes a series of steps in order to break the spell and magical powers from his vampire lover, over himself. Walter eventually kills his vampire lover and the magical powers are gone, at this time he realizes what really happened and that he regrets losing his wife Swanhilda. Swanhilda will not forgive Walter for his sins and for allowing his lover to kill their children. The catch over killing his vampire lover, is that he must never think of her with love again. Shortly after Swanhilda rejected his pleas for her to come back to him, Walter meets someone who reminds him of his vampire lover. During a brief encounter with her, Walter asks her to marry him due to the resemblance she had to Brunhilda, at this moment the similar women turns into a snake and sparks the whole place with fire, when Walter is dyeing he hears the sorcerers warning of Wake not the dead.

This story is so intriguing by the popular culture audience due to the number of myths and formulas used to sale the story. Everyone is intrigued by the thought of undying love, true love, and devotion, so this implies the romance myth. The horror of a lover coming back from the grave and sucking the blood from your children and oneself, implies the suspenseful gothic myth. The idea behind the story leads to the idea that one should be faithful and grateful for what they have. I also agree that the correct author should be known and the reason for the confusion upon authors. I think the popular stories became confused and this article is important due to the right person being accredited for the story.


Crawford, H (December 2012) Ernst Benjamin Salomo Rapach, “Wake not the Dead” The journal of popular culture Volume 45, issue 6 (December 2012). Pg. 1189-11205

written analysis 3

When discussing heroes and the cult of celebrities and how those two definitions relate to my topic of popular culture which is technology and the influence it has on the mainstream population, we can use the cult of celebrities to identify with why mainstream population focuses on having the latest and coolest new piece of technology.

Usually we see this in the newest phone, I believe there is a reason behind why people rush out and buy the newest iPhone or galaxy phone, when there is an already a similar style with maybe one less feature out on the market for three hundred dollars cheaper. I believe the cult of celebrity’s theory can be applied to my popular culture topic of technology and the influence on society, by looking at how the celebrity population influences people to buy and have the newest cell phones, tablets, and etc. One reason for the need to have the latest and coolest technology could be the influence by celebrities who have the newest iPhone, tablets, mp3 players, even headphones.

When the public sees the advertisements with cool people wearing or using the newest phones or tablets, or whatever the technology may be, they have the feeling that owning this new object will somehow change their lives. This is an advertising technique and apparently works pretty well. A great example would be the tremendous line of people who lined up twenty four hours prior to the release of the new iPhone six, which is not much different than the iPhone 5 other than a few features. Some people in the public, feel that they must of the newest piece of technology due to the influence of the cult celebrity on the population and the need to feel that they have the capability to own these products.

Icon Analysis

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The icons that i choose to present for my icon analysis are the facebook icon, the LGBT community flag, and the Apple logo. I choose to use these pictures for my icon analysis due to the familiarity of them. The facebook icon i choose because i can remember when the internet was up and coming and yahoo messenger was the biggest thing since sliced bread. I now find it astonishing how facebook is incorporated into everyday life for so much of the population. I also find it interesting of how diverse the community is on facebook, it’s not only for the young generation but also for older individuals, community sites, police, politicians, and businesses. I choose the LGBT culture flag because of how open the community is now verses ten years ago, and how fighting for individual rights is so strongly represented. I choose the apple icon because of how dependent our next generation is on techonology and how useful techonology has become in our every day lives also.

These icons mean to me a new way of doing things. Such as the internet and technology, ten years ago it was impossible to go to school just using a computer. The LGBT flag means to me that people are not going to stand for being intimidated and discriminated anymore based on their sexual orientation. The facebook icon means to me that there is a new way of socializing.

What is popular Culture?


Popular Culture is defined as a series of ideas, perspectives, items and themes that make up or demonstration mainstream media.

Understanding popular culture is relevant to me in the business world and in my professional development and career, due to the fact that it is important to understand mainstream culture and why there are certain perspectives.

I choose this picture as an artifact to represent popular culture, because i felt showing the person with the ipad and headphones represents the high dependence on technology and always having the new and upcoming technology.

Gender stereotyping assignment


This is an advertisement for the soft drink Dr. Pepper. This advertisement is a gender stereotype advertisement because it is attempting to put a manly feature on the soda and make a statement that it is too bold for women, and just suitable for men.

I don’t think this advertisement has a counter gender stereotype, but I believe its aiming its bold soda at men, giving the idea that bold is not suitable for women.

Floyd,K(2011). Interpersonal Communication. New York, McGraw-Hill.


This adertvistement is from a women’s clothing line. This advertisement is a gender stereotype because it features a man dressed in a woman’s top, holding a baby and asks “What would the world be without women?”

I would assume that this advertisement is projecting that a man is not as good of a caregiver as a women.

of some of these ads will show that they reinforce gender stereotypes ...

I found this advertisement interesting as it is a advertisement for a childs toy. In this advertisement gender stereotyping is being shown by the little girl being the one cooking and/or cleaning for the little boy, while he is watching.


Gender Stereotypes In Advertising 2013 The stereotype being played on

This advertisement is a gender stereotype advertisement aiming at women to be the one’s who drive a certain type of vehicle. This goes with the soccer mom minivan title. The advertisement is suggest that if your a man, you don’t want to be seen driving a minivan, because that is not a manly thing, that is a women’s vehicle, men drive big burly trucks. ...

This advertisement is a advertisement that counters a gender stereotype. This article i believe is based on the ever growing trend of house wifes, or women staying home and how that common method is now changing in society. In this advertisement a man is seen holding the baby instead of the women, and the women is seen dressed professionally holding a briefcase, in most advertisements the role is reversed.